Are GENUINS, a young brand, 100% Made in Spain Founded in 2014, although with a long career in the footwear industry.

Now we are going to tell you how a beautiful story is born:

The dream begins by 1940 under the watchful eye of our family, always dedicated to the world of footwear. Four generations of shoemakers making quality footwear and it was not until the third generation when the adventure of manufacturing began cork sandals with anatomical plant (bio).

Thus, and after many years of experience, the need to merge fashion and comfort arises, creating the sandals that you have right in front of you.

Only with a complete dedication the models are born, which every season we present as a reference of fashion, quality and comfort. In each collection we put all our illusion and experience, but above all our heart.

We investigate new paths in design and materials with which to make our collections and thus surprise you every season.

80% of the materials you see your feet with GENUINS They are #Animalfree. We want you to know that our materials meet the quality standards required by European regulations, and that during the manufacturing process the environmental impact is minimized.

We like work well done, and we strive every day to improve and advance the well -being of people, sustainability and social development, making you proud to belong to our #Genuinsfamily.

Are you prepared to start this new adventure?

With you we make a beautiful story.